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Paella 'Fallera Bomba' Rice 1kg (Limited Edition)

Paella 'Fallera Bomba' Rice 1kg (Limited Edition)
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1kg of our finest premium 'Fallera Bomba' Paella Rice - Fallera Bomba is one of the highest grade Paella Rices you can buy in Spain, known as  the "king of paella rices". The rice will absorb 3 times its own volume of liquid. This means that the rice is able to absorb even more of the fantastic flavours of your paella. Enough to serve approximately 10-18 people. We don't sell rices no one has ever heard of like some companies. We sell rices the Spanish know and love.

How much rice do i need?

One of the main questions we get asked here at PaellaWorld is how much rice to you need for various sized pans. We work on the principle of 80grams of dry bomba rice per person (100 people = 8kg) and 100grams of Standard paella rice per person (100 people = 10kg).

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