The History of Paella

The History of Paella - Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish that hails from the Valencian region of Spain. While Spaniards consider the dish to be a regional speciality, those outside of the origins Spain think of it as being a traditional Spanish dish. The word paella comes from the French word paelle, which literally translates as pan. In Valencia, the term paella is still used to describe all pans including traditional Paella Pans used to cook the region’s famous rice dish. If you want to know what Paella is made of, what a paella pan is called, information about Paella and the Paella Origins History then this site has all the information you need. 


By the 15th Century, rice had become a staple part of the Spanish diet while fish has always been an abundant food source especially along the Eastern coast. In the 18th Century, Valencians cooked large rice dishes on paelleras near lake Albufera and this is widely considered to be the forerunner to what we would now consider a traditional paella meal. By the 19th Century, though, traditions started to evolve in line with a rise in living standards in the country.


A traditional Paella Pan would have included meat like rabbit, chick, or duck while snails were considered an optional extra. On the Mediterranean coast, ingredients in the paella dish also included seafood, as this was an abundant food source. Spaniards and Valencians, in particular, consider both the meat and the seafood variety of the dish to be authentic.


In 1840, the word paella transferred from referring to paella pans to refer to the dish itself. A local newspaper coined the word and the food has now become known by this name. It was tradition, at this time, for men to cook over open fires that used orange and pine branches to give a unique aromatic finish to the dish. The food was eaten directly from the paelerra, giving rise to the importance of the pan in the preparation and consumption of the dish.


There are many variants of the dish to be found throughout the world but only the meat or seafood varieties are considered traditional by Valencians. Buying the right paella burners and paella pans UK chefs and kitchens can prepare great quality and well-loved dishes without having to cook over open fires or continue to invest in new pans.