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Paella World is a revolutionary Paella Pans and Spanish Food Paella Shop which supplies the UK's ever growing need for Paella Pans, Paella Kits and Spanish Cookware including Paella Equipment, traditionally Paella is an authentic Valencian Paella dish named after the pan in which it is cooked. Paella World imports its products directly from Garcima and El Cid who are based in Valencia in Spain,the birthplace of the Authentic Spanish Paella.

If you are looking to buy a small paella pan or even a large paella pan this is the place to come.We now have a wide range of Induction Paella Pans to buy. An Induction Paella pan can be used on an Induction Hob or AGA or even a Ceramic Hob. They have a flat sandwich based bottom which fits an induction hob perfectly and helps regulate the heat company.


We also provide catering plus gas burners and professional paella gas burners for the Caterer who knows the value of a huge Authentic Pan in the Catering Industry.

We also offer a great range of Cooking Sets or Cooking Packages and Paella Kits as we like to call them. They offer our customers the very best of value as they include the Paella Pan, The Gas Burner and the Stand and also include the all-important spoons.

We also have a huge range of garden paella set and catering paella set which can be used indoor and outdoor. These can also be used as camping sets as many of our camping / touring customers have found.

Paella catering for your next event

We sell Polished Steel Paella Pan, Enamelled Steel Paella Pan, Stainless Steel Paella Pan, Deep Paella Pans, Paella Ingredients as well as Gas Burners and Stands, Spoons and a wide range of other Paella accessories.


Our Paella Range

Paella is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The demand for authentic cooking utensils has never been greater as more people wish to create authentic dishes with genuine Spanish pans. With such a range to choose from and amazing quality the reasons to love PaellaWorld are endless.

One reason people love our products is the inspiration they provide to cook authentic Spanish cuisine in the traditional method. What better encouragement to create beautifully genuine Spanish dishes than having the traditional tools to do these amazing recipes justice.


Bringing people together

Home Cooking - Our products provide the perfect way to gather your family and friends around the table at meal times. Serve your cooking family style for the group dining experience we all strive to achieve in a happy family environment.

Authenticity - When cooking you strive for the most authentic ingredients and recipes to produce authentic Spanish dishes, so why settle for anything less than the most authentic utensils. Our traditional paella pans are manufactured by national Spanish brand Vaello-Campos in Valencia, the home of paella.


Authentic spanish pans

Quality - Our pans are unrivalled for quality. We manufacture our pans from the highest quality steel and ceramic.

We pride ourselves on our customers being satisfied with their new Paella Pan or Gas Burner and we offer email support via this website for any help that customers may need. We hope you enjoy our website and you find the right pan for you. We have a range of size guides for Pans and Gas Burners for you to use.


Paella Hire
Looking to hire out a Paella Set see below


We are based in the UK

as is our stock, this means we are able to ship our products direct to your door via a reputable courier service faster. We offer Pans for use on both a Grill or an Induction Paella Pan or Ceramic Hob or even for use on an AGA.

You can use an Induction Paella Pan from PaellaWorld on your hob at home or on one of our Paella Gas Ring Burner. We even have Paella Sets or Cooking Set Paella Kits which include everything you need to get started. You can also contact us the paella company for our wholesale prices and deals we can offer you for stocking our Paella Pans in your shop.

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