Paella Catering Pans

Our Paella Catering Pans includes the larger pans for professional caterers or if you are looking to cater for large groups.

Our Paella pans come as polished steel, enamelled or stainless steel pans.

We offer pans from the smallest tapas pans through to our largest, 130cm diameter paella pan.

In our website, each pan size estimates how many portions you will be able to serve. These are assumed to be tapas portions.

If you would like to discuss your paella pan requirements with us, please call us on 020 3006 2259

And don’t forget, that in addition to pans we also sell complete sets for professional caterers 115cm Professional Paella Cooking Set (Enamelled Steel) – Serves 90-130 (FFD Outdoor/Indoor Use)

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