Pan Lids

Paella World’s Paella Pan Lids come in a range of sizes and are made to fit even the largest of paella pans.

Imported from Valencia, Spain and made specifically for the Garcima paella pans, these lids are versatile and are essential for all caterers, whether professional chefs or recreational chefs cooking the perfect paella in their garden.

Our lids are often sold alongside our Paella Pans, such as our 80cm polished steel pan 80cm Catering Polished Steel Paella Pan (30-40 Portions)

And of course, Paella World also supplies all of the necessary ingredients, such as our paella starter kit or for professional chefs, 5Kg Bomba rice PAELLA STARTER INGREDIENTS KIT Tartana Restaurant Special D.O Bomba Rice 5kg

The lids are made to slightly overhang the paella pans and are therefore relatively universal in size.

If you would like to discuss any of your requirements with us, please call us on 020 3006 2259 or email us at


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