Paella Ingredients Packs

Paella World’s authentically Spanish paella ingredients packs are the perfect gift for any budding Chef, looking to make the perfect paella.

Everyone knows that the secret to great food is great ingredients and whilst supermarket ingredients will go so far, only imported and authentic Spanish ingredients will guarantee the perfect paella.

Our ingredient packs include everything you need for the perfect paella, including imported paella rice, plus all of the spices you need. And of course, the secret ingredient, saffron. Packs include items such as

Tartana Senia Paella Rice
Tartana Special Edition Bomba Paella Rice Box
Pimenton Dulce (Sweet Paprika)
Pimenton Picante (Hot Paprika)
PimentonAhumado (Smoked Sweet Paprika)
Paella Colorant
Spanish Saffron
Paella Seasoning Deluxe

If you would like to discuss any questions or queries, please call Paella World on 020 3006 2259 or email


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