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60cm Professional Spanish Paella Set (Enamelled Steel) - Serves 16-18

60cm Professional Spanish Paella Set (Enamelled Steel) - Serves 16-18
You Save£46.00 (17%)

Our Paella cooking sets are our most popular selling products in our Paella World!

Included in this package…

50cm Polished Steel Paella Pan (Enough for 8-12 portions of Paella)

400mm Gas Burner

115mmx48cm Stainless Steel Paella Spoon

Paella Gas Burner Legs

This package is perfect for cooking Paella ‘alfresco’ outdoors and provides you with everything you need to cook the perfect Paella other than the ingredients! Remember we have a next day delivery service as standard so if you order your new Paella Cooking Set on Wednesday before 1pm you can be cooking Paella by the weekend!

60cm Professional Spanish Paella Set (Enamelled Steel) - Serves 16-18

You Save£46.00 (17%)
Weight: 7 kg

·      60cm Enamelled Steel Paella Pan (serves 16-18)
·      Garcima 400mm Pro Gas Burner
·      CE certified for indoor and outdoor use
·      Meets council gas safe requirements
·      1m Gas hose and clips included
·      Includes our Paella Legs and a Paella Spoon
·      Patented thermocouple and pilot device
·      Next generation model with metal burner knobs to increase burner longevity 
·      Made in Spain

Our year round Pro Paella Sets are certified for use indoors and outdoors, they have a patented pilot burner safety system with FFD or Flame Failure Device installed similar to a home boiler which is a safety device that if the flame were to fail, the gas would be cut off from that particular ring preventing the dangerous escape of gas. They are UK CE approved and Gas Safe approved for indoor use in the UK which means UK councils approve these professional burners for indoor use. Also under the new regulations gazebos are now classed as an indoor building so these burners are now required if they are to be used under a gazebo by many councils. 

As our standard burners do these Pro Burners either encompass 1, 2, 3 or 4 independently controlled gas rings giving you full control over how many rings you require to be burning at any one time, this brings great flexibility with these types of gas burners.

They can run with both butane and propane gas canisters and are UK CE approved and factory adjusted to UK gas pressures. You should always read the instructions provided with your gas burner before use.


Our Gas Burners are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the respected and celebrated Spanish National Company, Garcima and imported directly from Spain by Paella World.

All our Professional Paella Gas Burners with Flame Failure Devices can be used both indoors and outdoors. You should read the instructions provided with the Gas Burners for their safe use.

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