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400mm Dual Ring Gas Burner

400mm Dual Ring Gas Burner
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The 400mm Dual Ring Gas burner has an outside diameter of 40cm and is suitable for heating Paella Pans from 42cm to 50cm. These Gas burners are specifically designed to distribute the heat evenly across the pan ensuring you cook 'perfect Paella'

All our Paella Gas Burners are ideal for cooking outdoors, they have either one, two or three rings depending on the size and all come with either one, two or three gas control dials which allow you to control the amount of heat each ring produces allowing you to cook the perfect Paella. They are CE approved and use calor gas which is widely available in the UK. 

400mm Dual Ring Gas Burner

You Save£2.00 (4%)
Weight: 3 kg

400mm Next Gen Outdoor Paella Burner


  • ·      CE certified for outdoor use only

·      Black speckled enamel design
·      Can be placed on a table or on our round or mini burner legs
·      New burner design making parts easy to replace
·      Next generation model
·      Made in Spain


Our outdoor gas burners are metal burners, which have a hard protective enameled coating which is baked on. They are are quite light and easy to use. They either encompass 1, 2 or 3 independently controlled gas rings giving you full control over how many rings you require to be burning at any one time, this brings great flexibility with these types of gas burners. Paella Gas Burners are ideal for use in the garden, for parties or for camping and caravanning. They are very impressive and once coupled with one of our Paella Pans or Griddles you can be sure that your friends will want one.


They can run with both butane and propane gas canisters and are UK CE approved and factory adjusted to UK gas pressures. You should always read the instructions provided with your gas burner before use.


We have outdoor only burner sizes ranging from 20cm up to our catering size of 70cm.




Our Gas Burners are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the respected and celebrated Spanish National Company, Garcima and imported directly from Spain by Paella World.


Recommended Pan Sizes


Compatible Paella Pan(s): 46cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm


You should read the instructions provided with the Gas Burners for their safe use.


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