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30cm Christmas Polished Signature Hamper

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30cm Christmas Polished Steel Hamper

Welcome to our Gifts Aisle. Take a look at Paella World’s 30cm Polished Steel Hamper

You will find excellent gift ideas for family and friends from Paella World. And the foody in your life will love it.

We have combined our famous Paella Pans with our Authentic Imported Spanish Ingredients and made gift sets that bring together the very best of our product range. An ideal alternative present for your loved ones.

We gift wrap all the ingredients in our paella gift sets in a lovely bag with a bow and ribbon so they are ready to give to your loved ones.

Our Hamper includes:

    • Arroz Catala Paella Rice (1kg)
    • Pimenton Dulce Jar (Sweet Paprika)
    • Pimenton Picante Jar (Hot Paprika)
    • Pimenton Dulce Ahumado Jar (Sweet smoked)
    • Paella Colorant jar
    • Spanish Saffron 1 Gram
    • Turmeric Jar
    • Cayanne Pepper Jar
    • Ground Black Pepper Jar
    • Tarragon Jar
    • Wood Wool filled and Shrink Wrapped


Our Paella Pans are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the celebrated Spanish Paella Company Garcima, which is a national brand, based in Valencia in Spain, the original home of Paella.
Polished Steel Pans are metal pans that are polished and are the traditional variety seen all over Spain.

Size Guide

This pan will serve 2-3 portions

Pan Care

Polished Steel Pans should be cleaned as normal by hand and stored in a cool dry place until next needed.


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