52cm Cast Iron Griddle (Reversible)

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52cm Cast Iron Griddle (Reversible)

Welcome to Paella World's 52cm Cast Iron Griddle (Reversible).

This versatile griddle is the ideal accompaniment for your outdoor cooking equipment.

You can use it on our specially built burners if you are cooking outdoors, such as 400MM DUAL RING GAS BURNER or you can simply use it on a Gas Hob of open fire heat source.

This makes your Paella set even more versatile and means you can use it for cooking mouth-watering paella in the evenings and then swap your paella pan for your cast iron griddle and cook a good old fashioned English Breakfast in the morning.

It is the ideal accompaniment for any Chef wishing to impress and cook a variety of meals outdoors. And is so much more interesting than a standard BBQ.

53cm Cast Iron Griddle (Reversible)

    • Dual Sided Griddle

    • Cast iron for Authentic Flavour and a reliable heat source

    • Hand made in Spain

    • Suitable for Gas Hobs and Open Fire heat sources

    • Heavy Weight


Our Griddles are manufactured to the highest quality specifications by the celebrated Spanish Paella Company Garcima, which is a national brand, based in Valencia in Spain, the original home of Paella.

Griddle Care

Griddles should be cleaned as normal by hand (these types of pans are not suitable for dishwashers). Then once dried a thin layer of oil should be applied, then they should be stored in a cool dry place until required.