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Cayena Molida 33gr (Ground Cayenne)

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Cayena Molida 33gr (Ground Cayenne)

Ground Cayenne Pepper is a moderately hot chilli pepper and, if you like your paella with a little more kick, then authentic Spanish Cayena Molida is the perfect spice.

Cayenne Peppers are dried and ground to make the powdered spice Cayenne, which is used in cooking spicy dishes, including paella.

Paella World works in partnership with one of the finest Valencian spice makers, introducing authentic Spanish spices to the UK. Our partner, Salsafran, was founded in 1943 and is located in Noveda, Alicante, and creates the finest of Spanish spices

Our spices are packed in glass jars or in thermally sealed envelopes, hermetically closed, ensuring that you get that taste of Spain when you use our spices.


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